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Not all careers in aviation require being in the air. Many different types of careers and jobs need to be filled before a plane ever even takes off. Below are some general categories and descriptions of non-flying aviation positions.

careers ticket agent

Administrative, Ticket Agents, Food Service

short summary: These are the people in the trenches waiting on people who either are about to fly or just landed. These jobs are mainly customers service with little variety.

skills needed: attention to detail, patience, customer service, tolerant of repetition

Air traffic controller holding light signs at the airport

Air traffic controller holding light signs at the airport

Airport Staff (ground crew, ramp agents)

short summary: These people guide the airplanes on the runway, communicate through headsets to people in the tours, use lights to guide the planes at night.

skills needed: Physical endurance, attention to surroundings, follow directions

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short summary: This category of jobs focuses mainly on procedures, certifications, safety, and paperwork. Many of these positions are executive positions.

skills needed: attention to detail, efficiency, excellent memory, conscientious of rules and requirements.

careers instructor classroom

Instructor (classroom)

short summary: Similar to an in-class driver’s ed teacher except these instructors teach you how to fly a plane

skills needed: flight experience, ability to explain procedures clearly, public speaking skills, lesson planning

careers maintenance


short summary: Maintain and repair mechanical aspects of planes. This may also include simple aspects such as fueling or cleaning.

skills needed: physical endurance, maintenance knowledge, flexible personality

careers management

Management—every category

short summary: Manage a team of individuals to achieve a common goal or complete a project.

skills needed: communication skills, management skills, teambuilding skills, research and delegation skills.

careers manufacturing


short summary: Design and develop aircraft parts from mechanical drawing to physical part.

skills needed: Material knowledge, research skills, mechanical drawing knowledge.

careers security


short summary: Responsible for the safety and security of the people and property of a specific company or location.

skills needed: physical endurance, knowledge of safety rules and procedures, patience, customer service skills.