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Harriet Quimby 1875-1912 “Poncho”

Quimby, known for her emphasis on flight safety, became the First American woman to receive a pilot’s license and fly across the English channel.


Raymonde de Laroche 1882-1919 “The Baroness of Flight”

De Laroche was the first woman to receive a pilot’s license back in 1910, broke records, participated in air shows, and survived both a plane crash and a car crash to continue flying.

Helene Dutrieu

Helene Dutrieu 1887-1961 “The Human Arrow”

Dutrieu was the first woman pilot to fly with a passenger and fly a seaplane, broke numerous records, and won competitions over men back in 1910-1911.


Ruth Law 1887-1970 “Queen of the Air”

Law was the first woman to perform a loop de loop in an airplane, the first woman to take a night flight, and the one-time holder of the Chicago to New York aerial speed record.


Jacqueline Cochran 1892-1926 “The First Supersonic Woman”

Cochran, the first woman to break the sounder barrier, was a pioneering 20th-century pilot who advocated for female aviators during WWII.

Amy Johnson (1903 - 1941) Pioneer aviator, who drowned after bailing out over the Thames estuary. Picture shows Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson 1903-1941 “Flying Sweethearts”

Johnson set many long-distance records in the 1930s and was a pioneering English aviator who was the first female pilot to fly alone from Britain to Australia. She also flew with her husband.


Sabiha Gokcen 1913-2001 “First Female Combat Pilot”

At age 23, Gokcen was the first Turkish female combat pilot and she is believed to have been the world’s first female fighter pilot.

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