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The “Search By” Drop down Menu

The “Keyword” box on the left side of the screen is shown by the green arrow.

Product Catalog Pic 1

If you type in anything to the “keyword” box with “—“ still in the “search by” box you will search through every single tag and text in the catalog. There should be no problems if you do this but the results may not be as specific.

If you search by “Part Name”, you are searching by the product description. Examples are “bearing” “brush” and “heating element.”

If you search by “Part Number” you are searching by the numerical ID for this part. Examples are “EHP601952” (brush) EH03-6010-18 (bearing) and 14330-196EH (Bowl Elbow).

If you search by “Make Eligibility” you are searching by the Make of aircraft that the part goes into. Examples are “Embraer” “Learjet” “Bombardier” and “Goodrich.”

If you search by “Model Eligibility” you are searching by a specific model under a “make.” Examples are “ERJ 170” “Learjet 35” “CL-600-2B19” and “DHC-8-100.”

Quick Product Search

The “Quick Product Search” box, shown with the blue arrow, is helpful if you already have an idea of what you are looking for. It helps you fill in the blanks. This will generate a drop down list of suggestions without clearing your catalog search or leaving the page. The search results generated are similar to searching by keyword with “—“ selected.

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