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The Beginning

Seginus Aerospace LLC was born from its sister company: AOG Aviation Spares. The owner of both companies, Erik Hatch, realized that the need for parts to support AOG was growing at a rapid pace. He researched how difficult it would be to build his own parts and get them approved through the Federal Aviation Administration. Difficult in some ways but certainly not impossible and with a strong team behind him, Erik new that the company would gradually grow.

The Middle

His next step was to add to the team to manage the parts side. He chose his brother, Tom Wieser, and Seginus Aerospace LLC was born. As Director of Operations and Quality, he ensures all the moving parts that make Seginus Aerospace LLC are working efficiently together. This also includes managing any challenges and obstacles that come in the line of business. Currently, our customer service reputation is sparkling and we strive to keep it that way.

Continuing on!

Seginus Aerospace LLC doubles in size almost every year and is growing more every day. We have added an engineering team and now we are developing parts at breakneck speed, almost monthly. We have purchased new equipment to aid the engineering team.  New aspects of this website have been developed to make it more responsive to customer inquiries. This improves the communication between Seginus Aerospace LLC and potential customers. Check out our product catalog here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.