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FAA PMA Approved Parts

Male Aviation Artists

James Dietz

Dietz’s focus is historical painting and he labors to achieve the rare combination of historical fact and the romance, adventure, and color of fiction. https://www.jamesdietz.com/

J Dietz 2

J Dietz

Stan Stokes

Stokes is a photorealist and historical painter. His attention to the tiniest detail makes the viewer forget they are looking, not at a photograph, but a painting. https://www.stanstokes.net/

S Stokes

S Stokes 2

Jim Laurier

Laurier prefers to work with oils on canvas or linen. He paints with a focus on realism and has a gift for capturing people is his work as well. https://www.google.com/#q=jim+laurier&spf=1495732942871

J Laurier 2

J Laurier

Erik Lindbergh

Lindbergh has spent his life trying to escape from gravity and this is obvious in his 3-D sculptures, mainly of wood, but also metals. https://www.eriklindbergh.com/about

E Lind

E Lind 2

Robert Taylor

Taylor used to restore all manner of paintings and the drawings which gave him the expertise to develop his own style that provides technical detail with a traditional flair. http://www.brooksart.com/Taylist.html

R Taylor 2

R Taylor