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Swivel Bearing
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Product Description

The Swivel Bearing P/N 9038A0016-02 is part of the Liebherr Rudder Servo Control P/Ns 810A0000-03, -04, -05, & -06. The Liebherr Rudder Servo Controls utilizing this Swivel Bearing, are used on various Airbus A318, A319, A320, & A321 series Aircraft.

Seginus Aerospace LLC has released the following FAA PMA replacement part to aid in your cost reduction programs when maintaining your Liebherr Rudder Servo Controls

For additional information, contact our USA offices or your regional distributor.

Make & Model Eligibilities

Make Eligibility Model Eligibility
AIRBUS A318-111
AIRBUS A318-112
AIRBUS A318-121
AIRBUS A318-122
AIRBUS A319-111
AIRBUS A319-112
AIRBUS A319-113
AIRBUS A319-114
AIRBUS A319-115
AIRBUS A319-131
AIRBUS A319-132
AIRBUS A319-133
AIRBUS A320-211
AIRBUS A320-212
AIRBUS A320-214
AIRBUS A320-231
AIRBUS A320-232
AIRBUS A320-233
AIRBUS A320-216
AIRBUS A320-251N
AIRBUS A320-271N
AIRBUS A321-111
AIRBUS A321-112
AIRBUS A321-131
AIRBUS A321-211
AIRBUS A321-231
AIRBUS A321-212
AIRBUS A321-213
AIRBUS A321-232
AIRBUS A321-271N