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9920-020000-01EH SEALING SHAFT

Part Name
Sealing Shaft
Seginus Part Number
NHA Part Number(s)
WV9132 WV9940-00 WVA9504-01 WVA9504-00
NHA Description
Water Valve
Drawing Number(s)
OEM Part Number

Product Description

The Sealing shaft is used in water valve assemblies manufactured by AOA Luftfartgeräte Gauteng of Germany. The water valves are solenoid operated valves which control the water supply to the toilet assembly spray ring.

Seginus Aerospace LLC has released the following FAA PMA replacement parts to aid in your cost reduction programs when maintaining your Water Valve Assemblies.

Make & Model Eligibilities

Make Eligibility Model Eligibility
AIRBUS A340-211
AIRBUS A340-212
AIRBUS A340-213
AIRBUS A340-311
AIRBUS A340-312
AIRBUS A340-313
AIRBUS A340-541
AIRBUS A340-642
AIRBUS A330-201
AIRBUS A330-202
AIRBUS A330-203
AIRBUS A330-223
AIRBUS A330-243
AIRBUS A330-223F
AIRBUS A330-243F
AIRBUS A330-301
AIRBUS A330-302
AIRBUS A330-303
AIRBUS A330-321
AIRBUS A330-322
AIRBUS A330-323
AIRBUS A330-341
AIRBUS A330-342
AIRBUS A330-343