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Part Name
Filter Holder
Seginus Part Number
NHA Part Number(s)
14401-005 14401-060 14401-085 14403-001 14403-003 14403-003A 14403-003B 14403-003C 14403-004 14403-007 14403-130 14403-085
NHA Description
Water Separator Assembly
Drawing Number(s)
OEM Part Number

Product Description

The Filter Holder P/N 14401-028EH is part of the Zodiac Monogram Systems Waste Holding Tank Assembly Series 14403 & Water Separator Assembly Series 14401. These assemblies are part of the Aircraft sanitation system for in-flight and ground operations. These assemblies are installed in various Airbus A318, A319, A320 & A321 Series aircraft.

Make & Model Eligibilities

Make Eligibility Model Eligibility
AIRBUS A318-111
AIRBUS A318-112
AIRBUS A318-121
AIRBUS A318-122
AIRBUS A319-111
AIRBUS A319-112
AIRBUS A319-113
AIRBUS A319-114
AIRBUS A319-115
AIRBUS A319-131
AIRBUS A319-132
AIRBUS A319-133
AIRBUS A320-211
AIRBUS A320-212
AIRBUS A320-214
AIRBUS A320-231
AIRBUS A320-232
AIRBUS A320-233
AIRBUS A321-111
AIRBUS A321-112
AIRBUS A321-131
AIRBUS A321-211
AIRBUS A321-231
AIRBUS A321-212
AIRBUS A321-213
AIRBUS A321-232