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Bruce Campbell lives in an Airplane. Yes, an actual plane. He purchased the Boeing 727 in 1999 and has lived in it since 2004. The home of the aeronautics enthusiast from Poland was once used as a Greek aircraft until the middle of the 1960s. His residence is now in a forest near Portland.


727The clear floor in the picture below gives visitors a peek at the interior architecture of the jet.

This is definitely a work in progress. Similar to when you purchase a new house and a whole list of projects pop up, there is a slow and deliberate process for turning a–well, anything–into a home. He is cozy but not cramped in his 1,066 square feet. Campbell has everything he needs to live from a fully functioning bathroom to an organized kitchen. There is plenty of space in the cargo hold, similar to a crawl space in a house.

AirBnB will have to sit this one out. Campbell’s home is not for rent but welcomes visitors. Eventually he will “ultimately look for a someone with a dedicated and determined heart to acquire this one.”

However, that’s only if the launch of his second project of deploying old planes to be used as life boats (sealed-pressure cabins are designed to float) in Japan. Campbell has a passion for recycling old planes that are put out to pasture.

More pictures can be found here. Everything about how Bruce Campbell lives his life can be found here. The information ranges from technical and interesting to helpful advice for others wanting to complete a similar project. He also offers help and his own equipment to help others acquire their own airplane to live in.