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P723526EH Lock Waher

P723526EH Lock Washer

Part Name
Lock Washer
Seginus Part Number
NHA Part Number(s)
8160-121 (Starter Generator) 8260-121 (Starter Generator) 8260-123 (Starter Generator)
Drawing Number(s)
OEM Part Number

Product Description

PMA Replacement Lock Washer P/N P723526EH is a one-time use component designed to secure spanner nuts. The Lock Washer is used to secure the Cooling Fan at the rear of the Thales Starter Generator and is part of the torque shaft vibration damper assembly at the front of the LRU.

Make & Model Eligibilities

Make Eligibility Model Eligibility
ATR ATR42-200
ATR ATR42-300
ATR ATR42-320
ATR ATR42-500
ATR ATR72-101
ATR ATR72-201
ATR ATR72-102
ATR ATR72-202
ATR ATR72-211
ATR ATR72-212
ATR ATR72-212A
ATR Dornier Model 328-100
ATR Dornier Model 328-300