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BT34-5EH Preformed Packing Ring

BT34-5EH Preformed Packing Ring

Part Name
Preformed Packing
Seginus Part Number
NHA Part Number(s)
C20558000 (Carbon Brake Assembly)
Drawing Number(s)
OEM Part Number

Product Description

Safran, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty part number BT34-5 part of the Piston Housing, which is the sub-assembly of the Carbon Brake Assembly. The Carbon Brake Assembly is installed on the left of right axle of the main landing gear of various models of the Boeing 777-200, 300, 300ER, 200LR and F Series aircraft.

Make & Model Eligibilities

Make Eligibility Model Eligibility
Boeing 777-200 Series
Boeing 777-300 Series
Boeing 777-300ER Series
Boeing 777-200LR Series
Boeing 777F Series