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440-0150-3EH Heater Assembly

440-0150-3EH Heater Assembly

Part Name
Heater Assembly
Seginus Part Number
NHA Part Number(s)
467-0001 (Water Heater)
Drawing Number(s)
OEM Part Number

Product Description

This replacement heater cartridge is eligible for installation in galley coffee makers and water boilers on various Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.

Make & Model Eligibilities

Make Eligibility Model Eligibility
AIRBUS A300-B4-601
AIRBUS A300-B4-603
AIRBUS A300-B4-620
AIRBUS A300-B4-605R
AIRBUS A300-B4-622R
AIRBUS A300-F4-605R
AIRBUS A300-F4-622R
AIRBUS A300-F4-605R Variant F
AIRBUS A300-B4-622
AIRBUS A340-B4-642
BOEING 757-200 Series
BOEING 757-200PF Series
BOEING 757-200CB Series
BOEING 757-300 Series
BOEING 767-200 Series
BOEING 767-300 Series
BOEING 767-300F Series
BOEING 767-400ER Series
BOEING 777-200 Series
BOEING 777-300 Series
BOEING 777-300ER Series
BOEING 777-200LR Series