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The Seginus Blog

Seginus welcomes your general inquiries, or requests for more specific information. We also appreciate any feedback you can provide about our products and services.

How to Use Our Product Catalog

The “Search By” Drop down Menu The “Keyword” box on the left side of the screen is shown by the green arrow. If you type in anything to the “keyword” box with “—“ still in the “search by” box you will search through every single tag and text in the...

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Seginus Inc: An Origin Story

The Beginning Seginus Inc was born from its sister company: AOG Aviation Spares. The owner of both companies, Erik Hatch, realized that the need for parts to support AOG was growing at a rapid pace. He researched how difficult it would be to build his own parts and...

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Seginus Inc. Mission Statement

Seginus isn’t just a star in the sky. It’s our company name because we want to be legendary in the aircraft parts industry. The Seginus mission statement is “To be recognized as the world leader in aircraft parts” but what does this really mean? To us, it means give the best customer service and provide the best quality for the most cost effective parts —bar none.

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