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B-29 Frozen in Time

The breathtaking “Kee Bird” was a United States Army Air Forces B-29-95-BW Superfortress. The aircraft made an emergency landing in the northwest part of Greenland during the Cold War in 1947. After three miserably cold days in the Arctic tundra, the aircraft itself...

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Boeing 727; Living In

  Bruce Campbell lives in an Airplane. Yes, an actual plane. He purchased the Boeing 727 in 1999 and has lived in it since 2004. The home of the aeronautics enthusiast from Poland was once used as a Greek aircraft until the middle of the 1960s. His residence is now in...

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Trade Show Tips and Advice

Trade Show Tips and Advice Before the Show From marketing materials to general logistics, before you even get to the show, there is a lot of work to do. Display banner or sign: this will take research to find the best company to work with depending on your time frame....

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