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Cool Airport Photos and Facts Part 1

Antarctica Amundsen Scott South Pole Station–Geographic South Pole, Antarctic Plateau Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is located at the southernmost point of the world: the South Pole. Amundsen-Scott is named for two explorers who led the first two expeditions...

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Careers in Aviation (Flying)

There are fewer subcategories for aviation flying careers but here are some suggestions: Instructor (practical) short summary: Sometimes there are two instructors for flight training. This position is the person who goes up in the air to train people how to fly and...

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Careers in Aviation (Non-Flying)

Not all careers in aviation require being in the air. Many different types of careers and jobs need to be filled before a plane ever even takes off. Below are some general categories and descriptions of non-flying aviation positions. Administrative, Ticket Agents,...

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